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Inspired by our youngest stitcher so far, this club will use the Sudberry House
Walnut Coaster / Candy Dish. This is large enough to hold a wine bottle and
maybe even a champagne bottle - I haven't tested this yet!

The glass insert ensures that if you spill the contents of your glass or bottle it
doesn't damage your stitching. Approximately 5 inches in diameter each
month's design will fit in the bottom of the coaster under the glass.

There will three consecutive versions of the club.

Wine Coaster Club - will focus on designs of grapes and wine paraphernalia.
Candy Coaster Club - will consist of designs of candies and chocoholics'
Seasonal Coaster Club - will include designs that are seasonal or related to the
month of issue.

You may switch and change between them by letting me know by the 5th of
the month which of the three designs for the month you would prefer.

Each month's materials will include the selected design, fabric and thread
needed to complete the design, a new mounting board, and any trim
recommended for finishing the design. The first designs will be for September
and will be available from August 15th.

The fee will be
$15.00 per month, plus $15.00 in the first month for the Candy
/ Coaster Dish.

Send an e-mail to, call by the shop, or
telephone to join.
If you have an idea that you would like to see us offer as a monthly or quarterly
club please send an e-mail to our newsletter at
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