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I so much enjoyed stitching one of these round and
funky characters that I thought you might like to share in
the fun.

First, what are SQUIRCLES you might ask? A Squircle
is a circular character in a square and they are 'quirky' to
say the least. There are characters in all walks of life
mostly related to Sports and Leisure - what else is there
in life? The Squircle designs are by Peter Underhill for
Heritage Stitchcraft
( and
are 4" x 4" with NO partial stitches and minimal
backstitch so even newcomers can tackle them. The
fabric is 27-count evenweave (I will replace this with
14-count Aida if you prefer). Can't wait to join in the
fun? See below for joining instructions.

There is also a similar Simply Heritage series of
Livestock, Dogs, and Cats that I will intersperse from
time to time.

There will be a new design each month, and if you sign
up for a whole year (12 designs), you will get an extra
one free. Starting in April the cost will be $14.50 per
month, and you can collect them at the shop or I will
mail them to you ($1.50 mailing charge).
To join: 1. Send an e-mail to me at
containing your name, address, telephone number and preferred fabric
and payment method - please put SQUIRCLE CIRCLE in the subject.
or 2. Call me at (305) 372-3730
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